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Lee Baskerville began his art career when he was only nine years old. A marketing company commissioned him to produce a half a dozen illustrations for a brochure. Only after approving and paying for the completed brochures was the client informed that the artist they had been working with was actually a child.

An avid outdoorsman, Baskerville’s boyhood dream was to become a wildlife painter in the tradition of his early mentors, Robert Bateman, Paul Bosman, Guy Cohleach, and Keith Joubert. He often fancied the idea of living in a tent on some remote African savanna painting the surrounding wildlife. At age seventeen Baskerville went to Africa to take work as a safari guide and to pursue that dream.

After a year in Africa, much hard work, and numerous paintings, Baskerville, a Virginian, returned to the United States to attend the University of Virginia. He graduated with a degree in Art History. Although originally intent on being solely a wildlife painter, through education he expanded his repertoire into a signature style of Realism rooted in his classical studies of Sargent, Velazquez, Sorolla, and Zorn. Often compared by critics and admirers to these four past masters, Baskerville strongly insists that his style has evolved into an approach to Realism both thoroughly unique, and refreshingly modern.

Over the years, Baskerville has accepted commissions to paint subjects as diverse as dairy cattle to Indian battles, fishermen to CEOs, the Swiss Alps to the Costa Rican rain forests. It is his firm belief that those formative years of painting such diverse subject matter are what eventually built him into the skilled artist that he is today.

Baskerville’s career has taken him to the far corners of four continents and still continues to. Today his artwork appears in American, English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, South African, and Zimbabwean collections. To date he has painted hundreds of formal and informal portraits, landscapes, still lives, and over thirty architectural murals. Various works have been reproduced as limited editions. Currently over 4000 limited editions of his works are in circulation. He has held exhibits in the United Sates, Portugal, and South Africa.

Baskerville resides in his hometown, Richmond, Virginia. He lives and works in his two restored Federal homes in the city’s St. John’s Historic District. Live portrait sittings are often conducted against the inspirational backdrop of the worldly artifacts and period architecture found in his studios.

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Fees associated with Baskerville’s work range from $5,150.00 for a sketch to over $25,000.00 for a life size portrait.

1994 The Westwood Club, Richmond, Virginia, USA
1995 Brazier Fine Art, Richmond, Virginia, USA
1996 Piedmont Arts Association, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
1996 Galerie L’Enfant, Washington, DC, USA
1996 Galeria Marconi, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
1996 Brazier Fine Art, Richmond, Virginia, USA
1997 Galerie L’Enfant, Washington, DC, USA
1998 Gallery 5800, Richmond, Virginia, USA
1999 Broadway Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
2000 Broadway Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
2000 Gallery 5800, Richmond, Virginia, USA
2001 Broadway Gallery, Alexandria, Virginia, USA
2002 The Gallery @ Corporate & Museum Frame, Richmond, Virginia, USA
2002 The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Virginia, USA
2005 Crittenden Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, USA
2005 The Commonwealth Club, Richmond, Virginia, USA
2005 PFAC / The Mariner's Museum, Newport News, Virginia, USA
2006 Century Club, New York, New York, USA

1979 Private Study with Hugo Stevens, Richmond, Virginia, USA
1983 Private Study with Jack Woodson, Richmond, Virginia, USA
1986 Private Study with Keith Joubert, Linyanti, Botswana
1991 Private Study with Guy Cohleach, Reno, Nevada, USA
1991 Private Study with Paul Bosman, Reno, Nevada, USA
1991 Workshop with Ted Goerschner, Scottsdale Artist School, Colorado, USA
1992 Workshop with Tom Beuchner, Scottsdale Artist School, New York, USA
1993-1994 Independent Study with Dick Crozier, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
1994 BA in Art History, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA
1996 Independent Study with John Court, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

The Homestead, Hot Springs, Virginia, USA
Southern States Cooperative, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Branch, Cabell, and Co., Richmond, Virginia, USA
Chesapeake Capital Corporation, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Arthur Andersen, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Daufuskie Island, Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA
The Country Club of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, USA
Celebration Associates / Walt Disney, Hot Springs, Virginia, USA


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